Hypnosis is real and powerful.

Hypnosis is real and powerful! The word “hypnosis” evokes a variety of responses from people – some believe in it, others don’t, and many have mixed opinions.

The fact is hypnosis is simply an “althered stated of consciousness.” And everyone alters his or her consciousness every couple of minutes or so. Did you ever get “glued” to the TV set or computer screen? Did you ever daydream? You suspended a certain amount of reality around you to become absorbed in a different mantal world (though you didn’t black out or end up on Mars.) So EVERYONE gets hypnotized to some degree many times each day!

When a hypnotist hypnotizes an individual, he is altering that person’s state of consciousness. When the mind relaxes, focusing only on the hypnotist’s voice, the subconscious mind becomes more subdued.

It is during this pleasant, relaxed state taht the subconscious mind is able to take suggestions more directly. Because the subconsious mind cannot resona like the conscious mind can, a hypnotist no state can obtain genuine responses from his subjects – even from irrational suggestions!

And it’s also why solving problems and breaking unwanted habits under hynosis is usually easier and sometimes instantaneous.

Hynotherapists can help clients bring back repressed memories, pure phobias, reduce and relieve chronic pain, break unwanted habits, bring about desired personality changes, improve current abilities – even venture into past lives (for those believers!)

Hypnosis isn’t magic, but it IS a powerful tool because of the power of suggestion.