Weight Management for a Happier You

Weight Management for a Happier You

In 2011, a world-renowned English hypnotist, Paul McKenna appeared on an episode of the Dr. Oz Show. On the program he had hypnotized several people from the studio audience prior to the taping so that as the show was being filmed, he could demonstrate the power of the mind to studio and tv viewers.

The program’s topic was based on hypnosis for weight management and the following ‘rules’ were mentioned by hypnotist Paul McKenna as the reality his clients experience following weight loss hypnosis sessions.

Click here to view the Dr. Oz Show on hypnosis episode and see for yourself why he openly promotes hypnosis for weight management on his own website.

The four rules that people who don’t struggle with their weight follow unconsciously

  1. I eat when I feel hungry!
  2. I eat whatever I want!
  3. I eat consciously.
  4. Once I feel full, I stop eating.

They don’t think about these rules, their minds simply follow these rules naturally and effortlessly.

As a hypnotist I have worked with people who want to manage their weight for reasons that range from improving personal appearance to promoting wellness and increased self-control and self-confidence.

The four rules listed above become one’s reality effortlessly when you allow yourself to let go and relax with focus and purpose in your hypnosis session. Hypnosis works wonders for weight management when you allow yourself to experience hypnosis and then integrate self-hypnosis techniques into your day-to-day life.

The mind will follow and consistently obey your desire in wanting to feel wonderful about yourself as it relates to your body.

So why don’t you weight what you wish you could?

The ‘problem’ most people who want to manage their weight encounter in daily life is an unconscious belief which the mind has completely and totally incorporated as being “what’s real for me” – it’s self-hypnosis in effect.

In this case the desired weight and the current weight that exists in the mind are not congruent. So while you might consciously want to weight what you once did, unconsciously your mind has locked in the weight you now weight through continuous self-hypnosis techniques that are happening unintentionally.

You might notice that you always seem so come back to a certain weight, even if you lose or gain weight from time to time. Chances are this is occurring because the your is being programmed with daily self-hypnotic suggestions to adhere to this current weight.

You might have once weighted 20-70 pounds less. But you just can’t seem to get motivated or dedicated enough to get back there again.

You may have tried everything you can “consciously” think of to get rid of the pounds, and unfortunately nothing you “try” works. So perhaps you’ve gotten to the point of almost wanting to give up, not believing it’s possible.

You want to lose that weight, yet it doesn’t budge.

Working together toward a specific goal of weight management — the undesired mindset about your weight can be altered with suggestions that can help you to achieve your goals while in a hypnotic state.

Find out for yourself. The happy you is just waiting for you!