More Amazing Powers of Your Mind

Fears, worries, tensions, poor sleep quality, excessive fatigue, the extra pounds that just can’t be shed, habits which seem difficult to break and similar problems of nervous origin are often all the result of a sort of a type of self-hypnosis.

Thoughtless remarks made to children by their parents or others who carry a role of authority in our lives can cause a lifetime of suffering.

Many who are emotionally confined to wheelchairs, use crutches or canes, or simply can’t get out of bed have unconsciously hypnotized themselves into retreat. ¬†Some are resigned to the believe that they can never get well. Others are resigned because they were advised to “learn to live with it.” Fear kills or disables more people than all the organic diseases combined.

Positive suggestions, deeply planted in the subconscious mind, can work… – Arthur Allen, The Intimate Casebook of a Hypnotist, pps. 29-30)

The power of the human mind is highly underrated

Much of the information we hear and see on a daily basis leads us to believe that we are missing something or are in need of something “out there” which can be purchased or consumed, that will help us to become who or what we wish to be.

Instead of being soaked in ideas which illuminate, inspire and elevate us to the realization of the greatness of our human capabilities and possibilities, we are bombarded on daily basis by the news, distraught friends and the disenfranchised with negative, limiting thoughts and stressful thoughts which immerse our minds into an ocean of fears, doubts and disbelief.

Unfortunately these thoughts create a kind of self-hypnosis loop that creates a mindset that doesn’t attract what is needed or hoped for.

And so we are left in a futile attempt to increase our quality of life through the consumption of products marketed to sell us hope or temporary relief:

Want to weight less? — eat our low calorie food.
Want to be a better athlete? — wear our shoes.
Want to feel confident and desirable? — drive this car.
Want to stop feeling blah? — take these pills.
Want to be able to get it up? — swallow these instead.

And the litany of nonsense goes on and on.

Good news! You can change your mindset that creates a positive mental attitude

When a person focuses upon something specific, or when they are determined to accomplish something — believing that they can do it, or that it will happen, they will begin to automatically take action and it does happen.

What the mind believes to be true about ourselves, the perception and beliefs we have about ourselves, this is what is ‘reality’ to us. Countless studies show us that our perception is reality.

UCLAHealth: Mind over matter study shows we consciously exert control over individual neurons

UCLA-Caltech collaboration – how we focus our thoughts and their effect on reality.

What is it that you want to change or improve about yourself?

What’s stopping you? Perhaps it’s a bit of doubt or uncertainty?

Sometimes it’s simply a thought that one feels or hears or focuses upon which determines how they will respond, or act, or how they won’t.

Many people are constantly engaged in a self-hypnotic inner dialogue, ruminating about the past, musing about the future. Somehow the brain filters all this input instantly, selecting some things for long- or short-term storage, discarding others and focusing in on what’s most important at any given instant.

Fortunately, through hypnosis, most any of the unhelpful, limiting and useless thoughts can be effectively diminished and dissolved until it disappears into a kind of permanent forgetfulness.

How does this ‘change’ occur?

One day an unhealthy person who has struggled with eating habits changes a belief / their mindset about food and suddenly they begin to manage their weight and find themselves at their ideal weight seemingly effortlessly.

They don’t force themselves to follow a stringent diet or rigorous workout schedule, however they find themselves eating at a different frequency, and they begin to notice that the portions of food they once required to consume to feel full diminishes considerably — without trying and without willpower, instead it occurs naturally, and effortlessly.

Perhaps they discover themselves enjoying spending a few minutes a day exercising, working out, performing some form of physical conditioning that they delight in as they feel their body rejuvenating, feeling more and more energetic.

This is the power of the mind when positive self-hypnotic techniques are acted upon. This is what happens when an unconscious belief — usually not consciously known prior to have been existing — is altered to one which is healthy for the body and the mind.

The change happens instantly one thought or idea being replaced with another. Unconsciously, quickly, and efficiently.