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Prescott Free Hypnosis for Future Blood Donors

Maybe you’ve been wanting to be a blood donor but the idea of being stuck with the needle is too frightening, or maybe it’s something else about the blood donation process that has made you feel queasy.

Be confident and happy to know that because you want to help other people, you will be helped to overcome that fear of needles with hypnosis.

The fear of needles is called trypanophobia and you don’t have to be scared anymore. 1 out of 10 people have this fear, but it doesn’t stand a chance when we get together for your free hypnosis session.

If you want to start becoming a blood donor and the fear of needles has stopped you in the past…

I will hypnotize you for free, and you’ll be free of that fear of needles for good

Call me and we’ll schedule your appointment.

This is a free offer only to anyone who wants to and intends to become a blood donor and makes their first donation within a month of the session. If you have a fear of needles but have no intention or desire to become a blood donor, I will be happy to provide the phobia removal process to you for the standard client fee.

In less than an hour you’re going to leave the appointment free of the fear of needles and you’ll leave feeling wonderful because together we’ll program a “feel good” trigger that you can set off anytime you want to feel absolutely wonderful for no particular reason, even if only to remind yourself how wonderful being a blood donor is and will be.

Red Cross and the United Blood Services

Either of these organizations are a great choice, and most likely the one you choose to go with will be a matter of convenience for you. Check out both of these links. Schools, churches, and other for profit and non-profit organizations hold blood drives throughout the year. You’ll have no problem finding a place near your home or office.

I am not affiliated with either of these organizations nor is this service being provided through either the Red Cross or the United Blood Services organizations. I donor blood 3 times a year and I know it helps people when they need it the most. And best of all, it’s anonymous, however when you come to your appointment, I’ll show you my card 🙂

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