Phobias, Suffer no More

Phobias, Suffer no More

Nearly every person is born with two fears:

  • A fear of loud noises, and
  • a fear of falling.

The reason is simple: both are naturally built-in survival responses. All of the other fears and apprehensions are learned.

Typically, when a person hears a loud noise is they become startled or scared for a fraction of a second, and then almost immediately their attention is turned to and focused upon the source of the noise. Once the reason for the sound is determined, they calm down very quickly.

Phobias Removed in one Session

Do you suffer from a phobia and live near Prescott?

You don’t need to experience those distressing and unbearable emotions ever again. I know that you know that they are out-of-proportion fears, and whether real or imaginary they can feel life-threatening sometimes. Let’s put an end to them once and for all.

Because they are usually created within a few seconds, they can be resolved within minutes whether you’ve been suffering with phobias be it weeks, months, or decades.

So how does a person “get a phobia”? Simply stated, there’s exposure to a specific stimulus, object or situation, while a shock is introduced. It’s done instantly, and often unintentionally by someone else who is well-meaning, but their method of communicating safety is done in a way that is traumatic — suddenly the fear has been installed, and the phobia is set. So the next time you are exposed to or even think about this stimulus, a post-hypnotic suggestion (be very afraid of “xyz” is triggered).

The great news is that phobias are “uninstalled” just as quickly as they have been “installed”.

When you are ready to get rid of any of these unwanted phobias, call and schedule your appointment and enjoy life more than ever before

A more complete list of fears and apprehensions found online. The hypnosis session you will experience to alleviate your fear is highly effective and accommodates the fear itself — regardless of which one you have been conditioned to experience.

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