The Amazing Power of your Mind

Dr. George Bien, well known for his elegant and simple descriptions of the power of the human mind and hypnosis once stated that: hypnosis can be described as the ability to let go in combination with relaxing with focus and purpose.

Hypnosis is a state of mind ideal for learning quickly for making changes in an instant.

This is why hypnosis works so well for people who allow hypnosis to work for them — because they allow themselves the ability to let go so that I, as the hypnotist, can guide and direct them with focus and purpose.

You can truly, honestly change aspects of your life when you access the hypnotic state.

The hypnotic process is a natural process, and it is a choice — a choice to allow yourself the pleasure of connecting inside yourself.

There is no trying, forcing, or making it happen in this process. Persons who try to make themselves go into hypnosis experience about the same amount of success as a person resisting the opportunity to experience the powerful learning state within themselves. It doesn’t help with nor does it aid in achieving the results they were hoping to attain.

There is simply allowing. Allowing yourself to experience pleasure and peace, effortlessly. Allowing yourself to experience yourself, amazingly. How to take of things once you’re in is my job, that’s what I’m here: to help you help yourself.

It’s amazing how profoundly a person’s perspective and mindset changes during their session.

The expression of relief and peace and a new found self-confidence and openness to opportunities is crystal clear upon the face of a client as we’re engaged in a session. It’s one of the aspects I enjoy about being a hypnotist — observing the transformation of an attitude, opinion or belief about a “problem” shift from one of near hopelessness or futility to that of crystal clear resolution and inspiration.

There’s a discovery of the mechanism which frees you through your own subconscious mind. As a hypnotist, I’m a guide or facilitator to reach that state of limitless learning and discoveries.

In hypnosis everything can be treated as the same thing — an unwanted or unproductive behavior caused by a habitual way of thinking.

Change the thinking, change the behavior. All that is required is ability to let go in order to relax with focus and purpose and to feel absolutely wonderful during the experience.

Resources waiting to be discovered, better ways to solve problems. What better way to enrich your life then to allow your own unconscious to solve your problems? When you realize your unconscious mind is paying attention to what the conscious doesn’t — through insights and understandings you’ll make discoveries you didn’t even realize to trust.

The power of your imagination

What’s the secret to success with hypnosis? I would say it’s unquestionably in the ability of the use of your imagination, focused on simple ideas during the process. Because it’s in here that exists the place where limits once believed consciously, but most often unconsciously — are replaced with healthy, powerful beliefs, ones that change your life in simply astonishing ways. Is hypnosis magic? No, but the power of the imagination and beliefs which allow to you make changes quickly, feels nothing short of it.

If your life were a book, and you were the author, how would you want your story to go? That’s the question that changed my life forever. – Amy Purdy