The Joy of Studying and Confident Test Taking

The Joy of Studying and Confident Test Taking

Chances are if you get stressed or frustrated with a certain subject in school, once upon a time someone who you considered to be an expert or an authority figure told you that you’ll always have difficulty with this subject.

It doesn’t matter if you ‘hate’ or ‘just can’t get’ math, English or science. Somewhere, sometime, someone might have told you something that you believed as being true. And suddenly you’ve found yourself unable to ‘get it’ no matter how much or how long you try to learn or spend studying the subject. This is the power of suggestion and how daily self-hypnosis works.

There’s a good chance that when the unhelpful / limiting suggestion was given to you, it was not the intention to subject you to a life of struggle with the subject. It was only an ignorance of the person to motivate you to learn which created a seemingly inescapable reality of the opposite.

Due to the way that the human brain accepts information which embeds a belief through a type of automated self-hypnosis, it can’t always be determined when this suggestion was placed into the subconscious mind — however all that matters is that when what was said was said, it was believed. And because the circumstances were ideal for the acceptance of this idea — the belief stuck.

Until now.