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Hypnosis and Executive Coaching to untangle from habits, phobias, limiting mindsets, or PTSD-based conditioning

About The Prescott Hypnotist

I am Jerry Zaryczny CHt, a hypnotist and a healer living and working in Prescott Arizona. My purpose is to serve each person who desires “personal freedom.”

Richard Bandler describes personal freedom as having the freedom to be able to control your thoughts and to manifest the kinds of feelings you want in your life. Yes, this is real freedom.

My clients range in age, mostly men and women in their 20’s-70’s, however, I have worked with clients as young as five (a girl who would wet and soil herself multiple times a day [5-7] because there were too many distractions on the way to the restroom. Once she realized she could vanish every distraction each day until there were none left, upon our second session when I asked her about the distractions she replied: “There ARE NO distractions.”).

Perhaps you, like me, have a curiosity, fascination, or interest in the power and capabilities of the human mind. Over the past few years I’ve discovered and demonstrated with friends, clients, acquaintances and lucky random people on the street, that we can instantly make wonderfully powerful changes with our minds when we enter a highly focused, and elevated state of awareness.

Scientists find how relaxed minds remember better – Reuters.com

If you want, you can discover hypnosis to be a tool you will find very useful in making an array of changes or improvements in your life.

Contact me if you’d like to experience hypnosis for your specific need or if you simply want to talk about hypnosis.

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