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Has a traumatic incident been replaying itself over and over again in your mind?

For some it comes in waves of stress, as a phobia, difficulty to fall asleep, or nightmares. For some this goes on for years and decades.
Going above and getting beyond the past is what we do here. You don't need to continue tormenting yourself in your imagination.

You are not alone.

This is common and very solvable.
Divorce, combat, childhood traumas, and traumatic situations in adult life can create an upsetness that you get stuck alongside just from thinking about it.

Women and PTSD | Post-divorce PTSD | Hypno for PTSD | Sexual abuse

How are you going to be, being who you really are! as you realize you are free from unwanted, useless memories?

We focus to achieve you living free of repetitive, undesired emotions and exclusively strive for you to experience this goal as quickly as possible in our session together.

It's rapid, highly-effective and results are immediate. If you are not totally satisfied at the end your session then it's on me.
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